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Your vehicle’s complete exhaust system is particularly susceptible to damage and wear from the outside environment. It’s exposed to stones, dirt, snow, salt and other many road hazards. It really does put up with a lot! A damaged or faulty exhaust system can reduce the operating efficiency of your engine and result in increased fuel consumption.

Mufflers & Exhaust Warning Signs:


  • When your vehicle makes a louder noise than usual or you hear a ticking sound when accelerating (which may indicate an exhaust leak due to corrosion).
  • When fuel consumption increases and/or lack of performance is noted.
  • When rust is visible on exhaust system parts.
  • If you observe an unusual smell or burning odor (which could be a potentially dangerous exhaust leak). Cars and trucks used for short journeys have a tendency to corrode their exhaust systems a lot quicker.

Client Testimonials

Friendly, good pricing, ethical repairs, and just a great shop in this community.

Ian B McIlwaine

These guys have been working on my truck for 8 years. Always professional.

Barry Sherman

JB Autocare was honest and saved me quite a chunk of change. No costly surprises.

Deena Cox Zenyk

No hassle, excellent service. Thanks so much, it seems rare to get this kind of service today.

Chris Ford

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