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The process of routinely servicing (or adjusting) both front and rear braking systems PLUS an inspection of your entire braking system. The calipers (disk application) and wheel cylinders (drum application) are the mechanical components that contain the hydraulic system that compresses the pads/shoes to the rotor/drum that causes your vehicle to stop. It is the free movement of these components that needs to be maintained (more frequently than pad/shoe replacement) by removal, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment.

This service is necessary in order to ensure that your braking system is operating sufficiently to stop your vehicle and that the hydraulic components are applying an even distribution of pressure on the friction components to prevent premature wearing.

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Friendly, good pricing, ethical repairs, and just a great shop in this community.

Ian B McIlwaine

These guys have been working on my truck for 8 years. Always professional.

Barry Sherman

JB Autocare was honest and saved me quite a chunk of change. No costly surprises.

Deena Cox Zenyk

No hassle, excellent service. Thanks so much, it seems rare to get this kind of service today.

Chris Ford

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